“‘Tell that to the Marines!”

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Sr after the attacks on Pearl Harbor 1941

Department of Idaho, Marine Corps League. information:

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Commandant Skip Nakashima 208 867-0246 Samuri180@hotmailcom
Senior Vice Commandant Tom Wambolt 208-964-1603 [email protected]
Junior Vice Commandant Terry Blessing 208 964-4740 [email protected]
Junior Past Commandant x
Adjutant/Paymaster Darrell Mayer 208 661-1005 [email protected]
Judge Advocate Walter Modler 208-941-1390 [email protected]
Chaplain Dennis Oliver 208 651-1021 idahodepartmentchaplain@gmail.com
Legislative Officer
Sergeant at Arms David Swickard 208-631-4384 [email protected]
Web Sergeant
Newsletter Editor


MCL, Department of Idaho

Harry (Skip) Nakashima, Commandant

For those who visit this page for the Department of Idaho on the TVD website frequentlyoohrah.  To those here for the first time, welcome. Here you will find, arguably, everything you need to know about the Department: A listing of Officers and how to contact them; Here you will find locations of Detachments and contact information for their officers.  We also include pictures of past events, and links to other Marine related sites including the MCL National website.

Let me first say I’d like to thank the Convention delegates for choosing me to serve as the Department Commandant. It is an honor to be re-elected as your next Department Commandant, and I am humbled by the faith and trust placed in me. This is a responsibility that I do not take lightly, and I will endeavor to represent you with the utmost accountability and commitment. I look forward to the coming year and working in cooperation with the Department Board of Trustees and Staff, and through the support and cooperation of Detachment officers, work toward ensuring the growth, success, and welfare of the Department of Idaho.

Last year was a difficult year with meetings suspended and most events cancelled including our two tries for a timely convention.  Even though many businesses were shut down and most people isolating, our detachments were still able to adapt, improvise, and overcome to continue serving our communities in a most notable manner.

Please consider stepping up and taking on one of these important and rewarding positions. We need enthusiastic people with fresh ideas to help promote and continue the League traditions. I hope to see you all soon.

Please understand that the contact information I have for all of you comes from your Report of Officer Installation (ROI). If the Adjutant (he forwards them to me) does not receive a current ROI from your Detachment communication from the Department may be erroneously sent to an incorrect address. My contact information is located under Directory of Officers; feel free to contact me at any time if you have any suggestions or concerns.

I am open to any ideas that you the members might have that will benefit the Department, Detachments and its members.

To the visitors at this site, if you are a Marine and possess a DD-214, or a Corpsman or Chaplain who served with an FMF unit for more than 90 days, I urge you to join us by contacting your nearest Detachment. If you have not served as a Marine or Corpsman and wish to join us as an Associate Member, please do. Among our Associate Members are spouses and relatives of Marines.

To Marine Corps League members: once a Marine, always a Marine. Stay involved. If you are not a Life Member, keep up your membership when it comes due every year, it must be sent into your detachment Adjutant by 1 July every year. Bring in new members, ensure they feel welcome, and get them involved in your activities.

I frequently hear that marines talk differently and have a different attitude about things than the rest of our society so that is the reason members have joined the league.  This is quite evident at the hospitality room when we have meetings and conventions.

We are always looking for new members with fresh ideas to share in the camaraderie, esprit, history and traditions of our Corps and to promote our ideals within the great community in which we live. If you are interested to serve in one of our Detachment’s, please contact us anytime, we would love to have you within our ranks! This website has a list of Idaho Detachments (https://www.tvdmcl.org/treasure-valley-detatchment/state-department/mcl-unitdepartment-websites/) has a list of Idaho Detachments, contact the one closest or check out the National MCL website at (https://www.mclnational.org/find-a-detachment.html) for a more complete listing of Detachment contacts and locations.

Semper Fidelis
Skip Nakashima
Department Commandant
[email protected]

“The American Marines are terribly reckless fellows… they would make very good storm troopers.”

German officer at Belleau Wood, WWI