Recruiting NEW Members

Ensure that no Marine who honorably wore the eagle, globe and anchor is lost to the Marine Corps family.?

General James L. Jones Jr., Commandant of the Marine Corps

Attached is the current MCL Membership Application. It is the only application that the MCL will accept. You may print as many copies as you need and should use it when talking to prospective members. You may also find copies of this application in your most recent copy of Semper Fi magazine.

Do not use the older versions of the membership application because they will be rejected by the MCL Headquarters.

New 2021 Application for MembershipApplication For Membership 2021

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Junior Vice Commandant, Detachment RECRUITER
Each member should strive to recruit at least one new member each calendar year. Also hopefully they will be active members and also recruit ONE new member. With this action the core group of 15 to 20 members can then relax a little and share the load of what we do as League members, like all good Marines and Sailors believe.
As part of the duties of the Junior Vice Commandant, recruiting is an important issue. Images below are the current method of reaching new perspective Marines and Sailors. Each member is expected to receive a batch of cards to carry with them to hand out to the Marines and FMF Corpsmen and Chaplains they encounter in their daily lives.. Prior to that please add the information on the back with your own contact information, your name, your e-mail and your phone #.
Now that you have your perspective recruit in hand, CLOSE the deal (ALWAYS CARRY A BLANK) “Application for Membership” found in the monthly MCL Semper FI magazine. Shown below is the front 2 part (form A). “New Members wallet card” and the (form B). “Application for Membership. Have the applicant fill out everything to the “I hereby apply… you fill in the unit name “TVD #878” and the membership fee of $35.00 (a smart Marine fill’s in this before placing it in to their own wallet.
You as the recruiter signs and the applicant then signs the front and back of the form. You must deliver the form and check or cash to one of the officers Paymaster, Adjutant or Junior Vice. Don’t forget to fill out the applicant’s wallet card receipt, which is their membership card till the official one arrives from National.
The monthly meetings are held at the American Legion Hall, in Meridian. The 3rd Thursday of the month. The meet and greet starts at 6pm (1800) for the opportunity for camaraderie. With the Business Meeting starting at 7pm (1900) lasting no later then 8:30pm (2030). This location may change at the desires of the membership, check the website.
1917 Recrut-2
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1917 Recruit-4
Rec Card Back
Rec Card Front
The back of the “Members Application Form” is an example of the Oath that each Member takes at the regular Membership Meeting the first one they attend. Always encourage a new member to attend this meeting and ALL meetings. Our monthly business meetings are through out the year, always on the 3rd Thursday of each month.
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The Marines fought almost solely on esprit de corps, I was certain. It was inconceivable to most Marines that they should let another Marine down, or that they could be responsible for dimming the bright reputation of their Corps. The Marines simply assumed that they were the world’s best fighting men.”

Robert Sherrod, war correspondent 1943, regarding the battle at Tarawa