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“They closed in steadily on us. There was no rush, no storming our positions. We kept knocking them down like ducks in a shooting gallery, but they kept coming.”

Marine SSgt James Nash, Korea 29 Nov. 1950 “Hellfire Valley,” South of Chosin Reservoir

2000 Photo Galleries

2000 Moving Wall

22-29, June 2000 "The Moving Wall" is the half-size replica of the Washington, DC Vietnam Veterans Memorial and has been touring the country for almost thirty years. Ann Morrison Park--northwest corner of Boise, sponsor: Treasure Valley Detachment Marine Corps League Mike Meade, Sr. Retlaw Broadcasting Co. KBCI Television
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Just as the enemy seemed ready for a final attack, the Chinese stopped firing and sent a captured American forward with a message: Surrender. McLaughlin, in an air of bravado, replied, “Tell them, I’m prepared to accept their surrender.” The Chinese weren’t amused. Handing over his pistol to an enemy officer, he said, “I’m not surrendering because you beat us. I’m surrendering to get our wounded cared for.”

Major John “Jack” McLaughlin, Korea 29 Nov. 1950 “Hellfire Valley,” South of Chosin ReservoirT