Eagle Scout Good Citizenship Award

“…Since 1775 the United States Marines have upheld a fine tradition of service to their country. They are doing so today. I am confident they will continue to do so.”

President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a letter to Gen Thomas Holcomb, 17th CMC, 1942, 167th anniversary

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Treasure Valley Detachment # 878
Marine Corps League
P.O. Box 45874
Boise, ID 83711-5874

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PDF Document for down loading and printing to apply for award:  MCL Eagle Good Citizenship Application

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Boy Scouts from Troop 13 – Boise, replaced the dilapidated steps to the Military Reserve Dog Park to fulfill one of the requirements to become an Eagle Scout.

It took Eagle Scout candidate Chris Hurt three months from the inception to physical completion.  Hurt stated that the most difficult thing for this project was to build the steps to be safe and durable.

Included with the step project was the renovation of two picnic tables on site.  Chris Hurt wishes to thank Jerry Pugh, the volunteer coordinator of Boise Department of Parks and Recreation and Dig Landscaping of Boise for the materials, to Mr. Orion Sorenson for his expertise and help, and the Scouts of Troop 13 for their physical help.  Without these people the project would had been but just a dream.

The requirement requires the Life Scout (prior rank to Eagle Scout), following the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, to plan, develop and give leadership to others in a service project that will be helpful to any religious institution, and school, or your community (other than to any other Boy Scout organization). The candidate must also seek approval from the benefiting organization, his unit leader, committee and council before starting.

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Persons who helped with labor: Dave Litster, Orion Sorenson, James Stevens, Cameron Schwabe, Dallin Litster, Chris Hurt, Micah Stevens, Colton Schlag

2012 Eagle Scout community service project for Veterans Cemetery Landscape of front entrance.
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Eagle Scout gives Idaho Veterans Cemetery a facelift

Eagle Scout candidate Will King came to the June 2012 business meeting of the Treasure Valley Detachment of the MCL with a request for funds to redo the landscape at the Boise State Veterans Cemetery entrance.  His presentation and enthusiasm for the project was very convincing and the detachment voted to fund the project and the Eagle Scout went to work.  He gathered the necessary volunteers and supplies and below are the results!  He put this together in less than a month and completed the work in about three days.  If you remember what it looked like prior to pictures below then you can appreciate the efforts it took to complete the project.

ID VA Cemetary Entrance 03 ID VA Cemetary Entrance 06 ID VA Cemetary Entrance 08

“You earned the title “Marine” upon graduation from recruit training. It wasn’t willed to you; it isn’t a gift; it is not a government subsidy. Few can claim the title; no one may take it away. It is yours forever.”

MSgt Thomas P. Bartlett, Managing Editor, Leatherneck magazine