2008 Photo Galleries

“Perhaps more than any other group in America, the Marines have always been cultural warriors, open and unapologetic about advertising their identity, pre serving and sustaining it, and policing the boundaries that separate them from the uninitiated.”

The making of the Modern Marine Corps, Aaron B. O’Connell 2012

2008 Photo Galleries

2008 GySgt Dennison Promotion 4th Tanks C. Co.

Gowen Field Promotion Jun 2, 2008 4th Tanks C. Company Maj. Ron Storer and 1stSgt Craig Luskowske promoting GySgt Dennison.
GySgt Dennison Promotion 4th Tanks 3.jpg

2008 Quinn's Coffee Klatch

A few pictures of members getting together for coffee.
Mother & child.jpg

2008 Donuts for VA Home Olympics

Every year since it start MCL members have been out at 0630 to serve the volunteers with hot coffee, coco and donuts.
Setting up Coffee & Donut.JPG

2008 Missing in America

Detachment members participate in the ceremony for interment of military members.
Missing in America Nov 2008 23.JPG

“The success of the Marine Corps in gaining and holding the public fancy is a tradition with history to support it. The Army can learn much from the Leathernecks.”

Lt. Colonel D. Yeuell, USA, Army Infantry Journal