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“When you men get home and face an antiwar protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand.  Then wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she’s dating a pussy.”

Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis, USMC Ret,

Who we are:

Treasure Valley Detachment of the Idaho Department of the Northwest Division of the Marine Corps League

Most currently available Department Bylaws: 2010 Dept Bylaws

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The original purpose of Quinn was to provide an informal forum for Marine Corps League divisions, primarily those west of the Mississippi that because of geography have common issues, to initiate and promote proposals, candidates, and support for causes of common interest to members of the League in these divisions. The original meetings were an outgrowth of Southwest Division Conferences. The Quinn is held in conjunction with the Marine West Expo. The Expo is where the military equipment venders put there produces on display for viewing and the present Marines can tell them what they like and dislike about the products. Wide range of products from binoculars to armor vehicles.

We, MCL, can do recruiting. The Expo is sponsored by the Marine Corps League.

The MCL Midwinter Conference is held basically for the mid-point between National Conventions. Talk about the things that was brought up at the convention to see where we are at. And also to discuss issues for the upcoming convention. It is also where individuals announce their intent to run for elections of the national offices.

“battle-innocent young [Army] men who had been soldiering on occupation duty in Japan.” Instead these “tobacco-chewing, raw-knuckled, bristly-headed youngsters in already-faded Khaki… had another enormous advantage, one that no one yet has been able to pin down and fully define-they were UNITED STATES MARINES!”

David Duncan & Harry Ranson, Humanities Research Center, U of Texas, 1950